Welcome to the documentation for 3Play Media's Interactive Tools!

Use these guides to help you install the 3Play Media Interactive Transcript and Captions Plugin on your site with supported players, such as YouTube, JW Player, Brightcove, Kaltura, and Ooyala.

These documents contain general instructions on how to install the plugin, and an extensive list of examples to help you get started quickly with our supported video players.

Getting Started

Supported Video Players

To use the Interactive Tools, you will need to have a video player ready. Currently, Interactive Tools are compatible with the following media players:

Player Name Examples Homepage
JW JW Homepage
Flowplayer Flowplayer Homepage
Brightcove Brightcove Homepage
Kaltura Kaltura Homepage
Ooyala Ooyala Homepage
Vimeo Vimeo Homepage
Wistia Wistia Homepage
YouTube YouTube Homepage

3Play Media Collection API Key

In order to use Interactive Tools, when hosted by 3Play, you must have a Public Collection created in your 3Play account.

You can view and create collections at:


You can use the default collection, which encompasses your entire project, or create a collection that encompasses any combination of files or folders within your project.

Make sure that the Access is toggled to Public, and use the API Key in your embed codes.

Only publish your API Key. Never publish your API Secret Key. The API Secret Key should only be used internally for uploading content to the 3Play system.